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Web accessibility and usability is one of the most neglected areas in web design and development. Creating a beautiful site with huge amounts of content is useless if your users can't find the information that they are after or get frustrated navigating your website.

Usability Analysis & Testing

Website Usability Testing -  Does your website provide the best user experience?We run tests on your web site and analyse the data that we get in order to determine if your users are finding what they want on their web site.

We tie together technologies such as Google Analytics and heat map technologies to find out what users are looking for and whether or not they are finding what they want via your web site.

We also run in house testing sessions with public test users. We run little scenarios on these test subjects to see just how user friendly our designs are.

This gives us a clear advantage over the competition in creating amazing sites that are also user friendly.

Web Accesibility

Accessibility is more than just making sure your site works on different screen resolutions. Accessibility covers all sorts of issues, from designing for the colour blind and disabled, to making sure a site renders properly on PC and Mac, on different web browsers and computer configurations.

Fondue Web Development aims to reach the highest levels of web standards possible following the guidelines outlined by the W3C and WCAG 2.0.

We make sure that all of our sites work on all browsers from Internet Explorer to FireFox, Opera and Safari.

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