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Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective and flexible form of direct marketing that enables you to communicate cost effectively with your prospects and clients. If done in a professional way it can be stylish, targeted, effective and efficient delivering you the real results with measurable ROI.

As an another form of direct marketing, email marketing does involve a great deal of hard work.

Email Marketing Solutions that Works giving Best ROICareful planning will ensure that the recipients not only open your emails but also they click through to your website and ultimately become your clients. 

Fondue web solutions with years of experience in developing and deploying email marketing solutions for various businesses can advise you on all aspects of email marketing from distribution services to design, writing compelling copy to upping conversion rates.

The well targeted, professionally looking and tailored email campaigns (e-newsletters) that interest recipients can help you build customer relationships, retain existing customers or convert new prospects.

At Fondue web solutions we deliver targeted email program that your prospects will respond to!

  • We provide you email marketing expertise
  • We devise the bespoke email marketing strategy in line with your marketing objectives and expectation of email campaign. It require careful planning, setting up email program, writing and tailoring of messages so that recipients not only read the message but also get enticed to click through to your website and can become your clients.
  • You get access to our email expert – just a phone call away:
  • We can discuss the campaign progress with you right through design, writing persuasive messages to tracking of emails and thorough analysis of the response and key information to streamline the communication process with customers and to increase conversion rates.

Everything keeps getting refined to give you data that has real, solid value.

Cost Effective, Immediate and Measurable Email Marketing Solutions That Works

If you have any problems with your email marketing, the specialists at Fondue are just a phone call away.  We can discuss the campaign progress with you and help with any query.

We’ll always keep things simple – email marketing may be a whole new world for you, we promise that we’ll always talk to you in plain English.

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