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Lead generation is a marketing term that refers to the generation of prospective consumer interest or enquiry into a company’s products or services. It is the buyer who decided the nature of lead generation. Leads can be generated for numerous purposes:

  • List building
  • E-newsletter list acquisition
  • Win customers

Basically there are two types of leads in the lead generation market: sales leads and marketing leads. Sales leads are generated on the basis of demographic criteria such as FICO score, income, age, HHI, etc. These leads are resold to multiple advertisers. These leads are followed up through phone calls by the sales force. On the other hand, marketing leads are brand-specific leads generated for a unique advertiser offer. Marketing leads are sold only once because transparency is a necessary requisite for generating marketing leads, marketing lead campaigns can be optimized by mapping leads to their sources.

Lead generation services will help you meet any business challenge. Our reliable experience in sales and marketing will help you increase your sales considerably. Backed by Fondues sales lead generation, you can look forward to a profitable business.

Lead generation business can help any kind of business. The most common industries using this type of marketing include insurance agencies, education institutions, office suppliers, and furniture stores. Service oriented businesses too stand to benefit in the long run through this service. Generation lead management is a process of tracking and managing sales leads from generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships. The data generated during this process is used in the measurement of the efficiency of the marketing.

Generate more Lead and Increase More sales

Online lead generation is a method of generating sales leads and winning customers via internet. The internet has proved to be an effective tool for the development of targeted lead generation campaign offering geographic, demographic, and contextual targeting services.

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