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Do you want to make changes to your website quickly, easily and whenever you like – then you need to get a powerful content management system driven website. The CMS system enables you to develop, edit, manage and improve the performance of your website – thus empowering your website to keep pace ahead of your competitors in search engine results.

If you don’t have it then you are at a disadvantage to your competitors!

The good news is that we take your existing website and with minimal changes to your existing design, integrate our F4-CMS system and make your existing website powered with “F4-CMS”. Why do you need a CMS based websiteThe Fondue’s content management system, F4-CMS, is our proprietary system created with years of experience, by our in-house team of developers who are working steadily making it quick and easy for you to use. As a Fondue website customer you will have access to the latest version as part of your subscription. 

We call it update with a single click – our F4-CMS powered website allows your in-house web-manager to upload new products and services or delete existing content with a single click – it is so easy. And you will be able to keep your website always updated and afresh without waiting for long hours / days for your web developer / agency to make changes for you. We give you the power.

Why F4-CMS?

The F4-CMS is available online 24/7 so you can update your website any time convenient to wherever you are. You just need an internet connection and of-course your login details.
We give you full support from our Leicester office, if you want to pop-in, or we can help you over the phone and email as much as you want.

Easy to use - we developed this solution keeping in mind that not everyone can understand the complex code that runs behind the scene. You will be accessing your website via a control panel that gives you sufficient power and freedom to keep your website updated. And that’s what we developed for you.

It is instant – you can see the changes made to your website instantly without bothering about the content transfer and waiting for uploads – F4-CMS does it all for you and you can see the changes made instantly.

Make your website more SEO enabled and search engine friendly - Search engines favour sites that update their content regularly because they want to provide the public with the most current information on a topic. With the F4-CMS, you can affordably maintain a dynamic presence for your site, and obtain and sustain high rankings for keywords pertinent to your practice areas. 

CMS system - Putting you in Control of your content

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